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About Us

Australian Gold Founder, Trevor Gray, was born and raised in a small town in Indiana, but thanks to his mother’s background, his connection to Australia ran deep. Trevor was raised by 3 Australian women, and he felt a strong connection to his mother’s homeland and culture.  When traveling back to Australia to visit his family, he always felt drawn to the country’s beautiful landscape, vibrant culture and strong passion for all things sun and surf.  He knew one day he would find a way to share the “Aussie way of life” in his US home, and in 1985, Australian Gold® Sunscreen was born.  This brand and its products aim to fully embrace the active lifestyles of the Aussies, and their love of the outdoors, through its amazing scent, natural ingredients and unmatched performance.

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Australian Gold sun care products were initially sold in beach-side stores and small surf shops in the sunshine state, Florida.  Inspired by the beach that put us on the map, Cocoa Beach, Florida, our signature fragrance, Cocoa Dreams, brings you instant memories of good times and sunshine every time you open the bottle. 


In fact, our patrons loved our products so much that we began to widen our distribution and began selling our products nationally – and then internationally.  As of 2019, we now sell to over 50 countries worldwide.  

New Packaging

Embracing the brand’s roots, we ensure each product is formulated to contain native Australian ingredients to provide a one of a kind experience for your everyday protection.  Since the beginning, each formula has been carefully developed using these high-quality ingredients during an extensive product development process, assuring each product maintains our high standards of quality.  Always innovating and ingredient-conscious, we want you to feel confident that our products are protecting and improving your skin in the healthiest way possible.  Our goal is to keep you protected while you and your loved ones Celebrate Life Outside.