Extreme Sport Sunscreen

Extreme Sport Sunscreen

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Celebrate life outside with everyday sunscreen protection

Enjoy life with confidence when you give your skin the unsurpassed protection of Australian Gold sunscreens.  All products are made with real, nutrient-rich Australian ingredients. We are always innovating to bring you the best products that you’ll love to put on – because wearing your sunscreen should be easy and enjoyable.


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Sport Formulation

Quality Sport Formulation

      Extreme Sport sunscreen is specially designed with water resistance to enhance performance with a low-shine finish. Choose from a lotion, continuous spray, or spray gel product options! Each product is designed to be Dye Free, Gluten Free, Water Resistant up to 80 minutes and are not tested on animals.  

Thoughtful Creation

Thoughtful Creation

We are experts in skincare and creating top quality products. When making our products, we hand pick every single ingredient to create the best formulas.  We strive to include the best ingredients so that you can have the perfect experience when nourishing and protecting your skin every day. 


SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion


An easy to rub in maximum application with nutrient-rich Australian ingredients

Sport SPF 30 Continuous Spray

Continuous Spray 

Sheer spray that is water and sweat resistant and is quick and easy to apply. A 360 degree coverage mist that dries fast with a low shine finish

SPF 50 Sport Spray Gel Sunscreen

  Spray Gel 

Spray gels are a hybrid of traditional sprays and lotions, fitting for those looking for control, hydration and convenience during active days!

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