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With 30 years experience, we are experts in the tanning category.  All of our products are made with real, nutrient-rich native Australian ingredients, providing added skincare benefits with every use.  Our signature fragrance, Cocoa Dreams, evokes instant memories from your favorite vacation, and our formulas provide a beautiful, bronzed glow, whether at home or on the beach.  After all, that golden tan is what we're known for!  We aim to bring you the best skincare products that you’ll love to put on, because your application should be easy and enjoyable. 


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Quality Tanning Formulation

    When making our products, we hand pick every single ingredient to create the best formulas. We pack our Australian native ingredients into each formula, providing a natural and soothing feel during your bronzing experience. Reveal a darker glow with the signature Cocoa Dreams fragrance - this delectable scent is a delightful combination of Coconut, Orange and Vanilla.  

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Healthy Natural Glow  

We are experts in skincare and creating top quality products. We strive to include the best bronzing ingredients for a natural golden glow. Our sunless options include technology that blends bronzers with skin softeners to nourish and condition, helping that bronze hue last days longer and leaving you streak free.



Contains immediate bronzers designed to provide dark color and smooth skin 



Deep Darkening Color Blend provides an immediate sun-kissed glow with a quick-dry formula that allows for even, streak-free coverage in one easy motion


Low SPF 

Combining our Cocoa Dreams fragrance of Coconut, Orange and Vanilla with natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize the skin

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