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Don't Lose Your Tan!

Extend your Tan with Australian Gold

You’ve done it, you've achieved your perfect tan! So now it’s time for the final step of the tanning process- extend and prolong your tan. The best way to keep your tan glowing is to keep your skin moisturized. Luckily, Australian Gold has popular tan extenders in a variety of delectable fragrances.

Lock in the Moisture, Lock in Your Tan


If you want to “lock in” your color, the obvious choice is the Moisture Lock tan extender. With ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E, it’s the refreshing drink your skin will love. It also features our signature Cocoa Dreams fragrance which you can NEVER go wrong with. If you want a lighter option, grab our After Sun Moisturizer with hemp seed oil that not only moisturizes, but also soothes.

Escape to Hemp Nation


Secure your passport to the world of Hemp Nation, our versatile collection of tan extending lotions and body washes. This collection features not only a hydrating complex, but an age-defying blend to keep your skin protected from signs of aging. There’s a Hemp Nation fragrance for everyone, including:

  • Original Hemp Nation (with a Tropical Dream fragrance)
  • Cocoa Dreams (our signature fragrance)
  • Pomaberry
  • Vanilla Pineapple
  • White Peach & Hibiscus
  • Sparkling Citrus & Champagne
  • Eucalyptus & White Tea
  • Sea Salt & Sandalwood
  • Kiwi & Cactus Water
  • Sugar Plum Cookie (a winter favorite)

With all tan extenders, we recommend you apply liberally and often.

Protect your glow and show off your long-lasting tan with Australian Gold Tan Extenders!