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Avoid Unwanted Guests with 


Australian Gold

We LOVE spending time in the sun in the summer but there’s one thing we don’t love: MOSQUITOS and other pesky bugs. Thankfully, Australian Gold can help keep them away from your skin. Grab a bottle of one of our Insect Repellents made with the most effective ingredients for banishing bugs.

Spray Gel

Enjoy our signature spray gel formula for added hydration during your outdoor adventures. With the convenience of a spray and the moisturizing power of a lotion, you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful skin for your protection.

Continuous Spray


For easy application, reach for the continuous spray.  The 360-degree coverage will make sure you don’t miss any spots on your skin. Plus, the formula is fast drying and non-greasy so your clothing will stay safe too.

Continuous Spray with SPF

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To protect yourself from bugs AND UV rays, grab the Continuous Spray SPF 30. Not only do you get the benefits of an insect repellent, but this SPF spray is also water resistant for up to 80-minutes.

Let Australian Gold keep your summer from turning into a bummer so you can truly Celebrate Life Outside!